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Model Appearance Product Title Degree of
Operating Position Pretravel Details
SLKP-00 SLKP-00 Standard Pin Plunger IP67 18mm 2mm MORE
SLKP-01 SLKP-01 Sealed Pin Plunger IP67 28mm 2mm MORE
SLKP-07 SLKP-07 Panel Mounting Pin Plunger IP67 24mm 2mm MORE
SLKP-20 SLKP-20 Standard Roller Lever IP67 28.5mm 2mm MORE
SLKP-40 SLKP-40 Vertical Standard Roller Lever IP67 18°~27° MORE
SLKP-47 SLKP-47 Unidirectional Action Hinge Roller Lever IP67 35mm 4mm MORE
SLKP-54 SLKP-54 Horizontal/Vertical Action Hinge Roller Lever IP67 44mm 4mm MORE
SLKP-82 SLKP-82 Non-dirctional Cat Whisker IP67 15° MORE
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