F12S1 Prominent Vandal Resistant Switch


OperationContactsType No.LED Voltage▲ LED Color Code▼ Material/Finish
Momentary1NOF12S1-1210NP▼000S:Stainless Steel˙
P:Brushed Stainless Steel˙
B:Dark Aluminum
Technical data
Rated Voltage 48V DC
Rated Current 100mA
Dielectric Strength Between live part and ground: ˙
2,000V AC, 1 min.˙
Between terminals of the same poles:
1,000V AC, 1 min.
Contact Resistance 50 mΩ maximum ˙
(initial value)
Insulation Resistance 100 MΩ minimum ˙
(500V DC)
Operating Humidity 45 to 85% RH ˙
(no condensation)
Storage Temperature –30 to +80℃˙
(no freezing)
Operating Temperature –25 to +50℃ ˙
(no freezing)
Vibration Resistance Operating extremes/Damage limits:˙
5 to 55 Hz, amplitude 0.5 mm
Shock Resistance Damage limits: 500 m/s2
Operating extremes: 200 m/s2
Mechanical Life Momentary: 1,000,000˙
Maintained: 250,000
Electrical Life 50,000
Degree of Protection IP 67
Terminal Style Solder terminal
Weight (approx.) 11/7g ˙
(Stainless Steel/Aluminum)